We are a small group of Akita fans that met over internet and shared the love and experience for the breed.

Recently the crazy idea of sharing our passion in a more organized way became a reality through this website.

We hope our efforts will help all friends that love this breed and will motivate more new friends.

The administration team is open for anyone has the ideas and some time to spend. Technical knowledge is not required, only passion and love for Akitas.

Development, administration, maintenance, editing, content :


Christos Ioannou


I have to thank everyone that helped in some way to make this idea a reality

Vazakas Nikos

Gasparinatos Socrates

Kataveli Erika

Kougioumtzi Irini

Koutsougera Angelina

Kritsimas Nikos

Kyriakou Dimitris

Plemmenou Silia

Siamaris Alexandros


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