Akita Debate

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Chillie, the hero akita!

Akita Hero ACEMEDALChilie the hero Akita, an eight year old female Akita who saved the lives of two children and two adults in her family from a deadly fire in New York City, has won the American Kennel Club Award for Canine Excellence in the category of Exemplary Companion Dog. The families pet Chihuahua and cat died in the blazing inferno. Chilie is an example of what the Akita breed of dog is capable of, loving and taking care of its family.

One dark day in the City of New York when her family was sound asleep, Chilie the Akita twitched her nose. She awoke with a start. Something was wrong in the apartment. She sniffed and confirmed, something was burning. Fire! Chilie began to bark,

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